Location2Locations serves any kind of production: Feature Films, TV Movies, Commercials, Documentaries, Photo Shoots.

Location Scout and Management

Location2Locations is specialized to work on location and can offer its vast digital archive of locations all around the country and its network of location scouts based in different locations around the globe.

Having worked for many productions all around the country, Location2Locations has a long time familiarity with many public entities and private owners around the world, and frequent contacts with most of the regional and local film commissions.

Scheduling and Budgeting

Location2Locations large experience witnesses its capability in proposing reliable budgets and schedules and offering cost-effective services.

Budgeting and scheduling are prepared in the most renown standards such as Movie Magic/EP Scheduling and Budgeting and are suited to the size of the Production.

Crew Hiring and employment

Location2Locations offers to the Client high standard crew, multilingual and used to work in international context.

Location2Locations supports the foreign Company employing local crew and cast directly or, through a proper power of attorney, on behalf of the foreign Company. Location2Locations offers a total guarantee that all crew and cast members on production are regularly employed and insured, and consults the Client’s Company about the various employment procedures.


Location2Locations has contacts and familiarity with most of the Casting Directors and Cast Agencies and provides contracts with talents that fulfill various legislation and the Client’s needs.

Equipment and Studios Rentals

Location2Locations has privileged relationships with all of them, including also transports and catering companies; but also with all other Rental Companies and Facilities.

Legal and Fiscal Representative

Location2Locations can assist the Clients acting as legal and fiscal representative assisting on important matters such as tax and social contributions obligations, liability, insurances and especially VAT reimbursements.

Furthermore Location2Locations is familiar with the main european and north american accounting systems at provides the client with complete and detailed cost reports and bookkeeping.

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